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Wow, this does not look good for longevity.

You can see by the numbers the average is 4500 per day and falling for the last 30 days.

The December numbers are very telling.

Lets hope they get back to what made the game great. This issue is not going to cut it. The numbers dont lie.

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Remember statistics can be bent to anybody's view. If you look at a comparison chart with BO2 and MW3 added in, the same players are playing the same games. That just means there is only a certain percentage of the steam community that play COD. Steam is just one way to play the game. Add in four consoles and non steam pc players.,202990,42690#1m

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Not to mention that AW is one of the worst CoD EVER! If activision touches it, it goes to crap. People are starting to see this!

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Because Activision didn't have anything to do with Call of Duty 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, or 10.....

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Of course they did. And their arrogance has grown to a level where they dont give a crap about YOU. And they just ripped off titanfall. So not a new idea with AW and very little support. So stick up for them if you want

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AW is NOTHING like titanfall.

@ the op. Those are PC numbers. Cod has been dead on PC for years. 

It has sold just under 18 million copies total.

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     It's pretty normal for any game to have the highest numbers when it comes out, then fall off over time.  Being a Playstation owner, I get bored with a game when I have to wait so long for DLC.  So now that I don't play nearly as much, I probably won't even bother spending the money on DLC, especially reading the threads about the lack of DLC playlists.  I'm a HC player and really don't care to spend the money on it of there is no HC option.

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Destiny has more players on console, can get good multiplayer games there.

At least I don't get SKBMM pushed into laggy games as much.

Sledge hammer will go down in history as the developer that killed COD.

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Destiny does not have more players. This is false.

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Will be even less now they took the Classic playlist away and replaced it with mosh pit. Dont know when I will see the map packs in classic if ever so I wasted $50 on the season pass.

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