A Multiplayer Addition: Practice Play Against BOT'S

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Hi All,


Anyone know why Activision 'dropped' the Multiplayer Practice Arena concept?


It's a serious bummer not having this feature. As experienced from Black OPs No 1. , a practice Arena gives the player time to get familar with all the maps, weapons before facing off against the real players. 


For the people who dont have much time to play, basically, un-locking much of the Multiplayer content is an impossible achievement. I simply will never get ENOUGH play-time to unlock ALL the weapons & experience launching the top-tier kill-streaks against opponents. But in the practices Arena playing against BOT'S on Easy makes getting those ridiculous high scores attainable for getting quick un-locks on equipment 


Even for the Regular players, a Practice Arena would still have some benefits; Playing against BOT'S on extreme difficlulty will test anyone, good for when you dont have access to good internet, even just to mess around on M.aps 


But For the Final (& best) reason: When these games get old there isnt enough active players for the Multiplayer to function. Sad that the Multiplayer, much of the game's price tag, should become a redundant feature.


To conclude, I would be happy to pay even $3 for a Practice Arena as DLC. Why not add it for all the COD Titles? 'Cos I dont see anything to be lost here for the Developers or 'The Player.'


Hoping for the Best,



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