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Is it way too late to buy and jump in? I am not interested in hardline and was curious if it was just too frustrating to start off at level one almost two years in. I would like to try something like arma but don't have or want to get a new computer besides my mac book. I will still get bo3 as the campaign co op and zombies have me intrigued and excited. I have a prestige and a half for grand master but was gonna slow down in case they introduce new weapons and want to have some way of getting asd as I won't buy them. Cod multiplayer has really worn me down as of recent basically because of the community. At forty listening to tons of disrespectful trolling racist kids gets old. The specialist stuff in bo3 has me feeling iffy and just would like to actually enjoy a game but for completing challenges that mean nothing shortly after. If it wasn't for the challenges I would play bots, campaign and private zombies and still be on my first prestige. Thanks for reading.

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Bf4 is alright still. Just mute the squeakers. That's what I do.

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