Is Reznov truly dead?

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This is an old topic, but it's something that's been bugging me for the longest time.

As you know (or didn't know), Victor Reznov is a character from "World at War" who accompanies the main character, Dimitri Petrenko, throughout the entirety of the Russian campaign.

In Black Ops, the story continues when Reznov meets Harry Mason in a Russian prison around the 1960's and helps him escape.

Now, without spoiling the games as best as I can, Reznov supposbly dies during the prison escape. However, I noticed something interesting in the numeric coded messages:

One of the messages is decoded as:

Reznov is dead, or is he dead, there was no body, is he who he says he is

Finally, in Black Ops 2, Mason recalls how he and the rest of his crew survived in the desert after being betrayed and left to die.  He mentions how Reznov came to save them, but Woods immediately dismisses this is a hoax.  Regardless, we are not entirely sure what happened.

So I will repeat the question:  Is Reznov truly dead?  Will he return in the near future?

Source: Viktor Reznov - The Call of Duty Wiki - Black Ops II, Ghosts, and more!


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How do you know Reznov lived past WW2??   How did Reznov get thrown in prison?? Is Reznov real? Even in WW2? When Petrinko got hit with the bomb, maybe he suffered a head injury that caused him to hallucinate a friend, Reznov.

Let's be honest, if CoD 2015 is BO3, then Reznov will be in it, dead or alive, real or imaginary.

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This will be bit long:

Reznov is pretty much dead by the year 2025 when Black Ops II takes place. But fact is Reznov did not die in Vorkuta. Treyarch had planned plot for Black Ops II that would have basically continued from where Black Ops ended with the assassination of JFK. But then they decided to go with the futuristic theme and the story was changed.

Every time Mason sees Reznov in Black Ops or Black Ops II after the Vorkuta mission its only his hallucinations caused by the brainwash Reznov himself conducted. Reznov escaped Vorkuta with Mason but then they never saw each other. Reznov was trying to contact Mason under the alias of John Trent. He tried to warn both CIA and Mason of the still active network of sleeper agents that would be activated by Evelyn Cross the "numbers lady".

Here are few things to back this up taken directly from Black Ops terminal computer files:

June 26, 1963

TO: J. Kennedy

FROM: Cross, Evelyn

SUBJECT: Last Chance

He won't ask you again and I know this was his final offer.

Please reconsider before we leave Berlin or your life will be in danger.

Our people are everywhere - this time you cannot win. Give him what he

wants before it's too late.

Here is an email where the numbers lady Evelyn Cross is threatening JFK. She mentions Berlin and you may know the famous quote by JFK which he made during his Berlin visit: "Ich bin ein Berliner". The date was 26 June 1963, same as the e-mail's date!

Here are two pictures of Evelyn Cross that were sen to CIA operative Hudson by John Trent aka Reznov:

As you can see on the second picture she is being brainwashed by the Russians. And the resemblance to the numbers lady is obvious:

Also check that desk. The book there is Profiles in Courage by no other than JFK himself:

Now lets get back to the other e-mails in the Black Ops terminal:

November 21, 1963 (1 day before assassination)

TO: J. Kennedy

FROM: Trent, John

SUBJECT: You have one day left

Victory cannot be achieved without sacrifice.

So here we come to the point what suggest that John Trent is Reznov. "Victory cannot be achieved without sacrifice" is quote which Reznov told to Mason when they escaped the Vorkuta prison.

These messages are sent to CIA operative Jason Hudson:

Tuesday, November 19, 1963

TO: Hudson, Jason

FROM: Trent, John

SUBJECT: Everything you know is wrong

You don't know me, but I know Alex Mason. You will learn to trust me.

Everything changes on Friday.

"Everything changes on Friday." From that date on next Friday JFK was killed.

Thursday, November 21, 1963

TO: Hudson, Jason

FROM: Trent, John

SUBJECT: Now you understand

It was by the hand of Nikita Dragovich. This is just the beginning.

They are everywhere.

Start at Vorkuta. Two escaped the breakout. You know one of them.

The other one just died.

Message from one day before the assassination. Directly states the escaping from Vorkuta and that one of them was Mason. The other one just died. Referensing to himself as CIA though Reznov was killed.

This is what Hudson said to Mason when they irrogated him:

"Dragovich brainwashed you, but Reznov had plans of his own. He was never in Vietnam. The real defector with the Nova Six dossier died during the attack on MAC-V. He was never in the rat tunnels. He was never at Rebirth Island. Viktor Reznov's been dead for five years. He died at Vorkuta during the escape! All the years you thought he was with you. That was just in your mind!"

So in that email Reznov is telling Hudson that he did not die in Vorkuta and is alive as well as warns him about the other sleeper agents that are "everywhere".

Monday, November 25, 1963

TO: Hudson, Jason

FROM: Trent, John

SUBJECT: A single step

Echelon 5 21 0 8 18 15 14 7 21 16 23 9 14 23 0 6 18 4

Her name is Evelyn Cross. The photo is for your eyes only.

This will be my last letter for quite some time. When the time comes, you

will know what to do.

3 days after assassination. Image of Evelyn Cross was in this email. So here Reznov gave the identity of numbers lady to Hudson.

Tuesday, February 27, 1968

TO: Hudson, Jason

FROM: Trent, John

SUBJECT: You have done well

Please tell Mason one last thing. This time it's freedom for both of us.

Few years later came this e-mail. I'm sure I don't need to explain this one

There are also e-mail from a third guy called Mr. X. He sent two emails directly to Mason.

June 30, 1978

Mr. Mason --

Clarke was intending to hide in Johannesburg.

He has a brother there. It's a good place to start.

-- X --

Clarke was the scientists who helped to weaponize Nova 6 that Steiner created with the help of other scientist from the Russian Ascension Group. For some reason Mr. X recommend Mason to seek Clarkes brother in South Africa.

July 4, 1978

Mr. Mason --

Woods is alive and remains the sole remaining American guest at the

Hanoi Hilton.

Thought you should know.

-- X --

Mr. X tells the location of Frank Woods to Mason. Hanoi Hilton was notorious POW prison in Vietnam where many of the captured American soldiers were tortured.

Hanoi Hilton Intel document.

Then there is the ending of Black Ops:
The day of Kennedys assassination, Evelyn Cross starts his number broadcast. Mason says: the date when JFK was killed, Texas, caliber of the gun that killed JFK and Ascension.

And we know from before that Mason was brainwashed to kill JFK but it was prevented earlier because Reznov had added the other agenda of killing Steiner and Dragovich in his head. Now that he had those goals completed what was left? The original agenda of course which was to kill JFK.

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Btw. If you want to know more about what the story could have been look up Operation Charybdis.

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Yes, that was the MI-6 mission to eliminate Mason, Weaver, and Hudson in 1978.  However, I don't think that mission succeeded or even happened since Black Ops II takes place way after.  Perhaps it was delayed?  Who knows.


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It was not just MI6 operation but a jointoperation with CIA. It's pretty obvious from Black Ops II that Treyarch butchered the whole Operation idea together with the plot of JFK assassination aftermath with Mason, Woods, Hudson and Weaver teaming up for a underground investigation in South Africa and that Reznov would actually appear and not be in just Masons head.

It's shame because I didn't like the whole Cordis Die plot in Black Ops II at all.

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Hi I know I’m late but honestly I still think Reznov is still alive hiding out because every time Mason supposedly saw Reznov the numbers will start playing which meant that it’s just in his head from what I have heard but when this time Reznov in BO2 the numbers didn’t start playing this is what I think thanks for reading

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well now that black ops 4 is out and being like the .5 ppl to do the hq ***** it tuns out he is alive hes turns out to be a actatype like woods and mason

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