stuck in advanced warfare half way through campaign

Advanced Warfare PC

I've been playing through the campaign on PC but have gotten to a part where I am stuck...

There is an entrance door that will not open...

I'm on the ( shutdown reactor level )   there is a part after you kill the titan that you have to go shut down the reactor but

as I progress and follow the quest metre markers I come to a door that says ( REACTOR ENTRANCE A ) the metre marker

says 25m inside but the door doesn't open.

Is anyone else had this problem?

Is there a known glitch and maybe a work around or patch?

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I am having the exact same issue. There is no way to enter the Reactor Entrance A. Please help!

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Also, you cant do the slide through the closing door on the final chase scene. Damn bugged shit.

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In case others have the issue as a late reply.

Two allies need to be by the door to activate the breach scene. Return to the ammo crate and nudge the one crouched there (i bumped him with the shield by accident after blasting away at everything trying to get in) to get him to run to the entrance.

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Thanks for this info, I was stuck here, turned out I'd trapped the other NPC with the shield so had to go and free him before I could continue. 

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