CoD: Advanced Warfare multiplayer still Active?

Advanced Warfare PlayStation 4

Now in PStore a discount on the CoD AW, I played it on the PC, but there online completely dead, approximately 50 people per day.

What the situation with online on ps4, it still playable?

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FYI I have been off line for 8 months so some of what I’m saying may have updated or change. I am back on line and playing. The only DLC I have right now is Havoc. 


Yes it is! The catch is which or how many DLC maps have you downloaded. If you have no add on’s, no add on or extension maps you will encounter a larger amount of user/multiplayer’s but the more DLC MAPS you add on/download will limit how many users/games you will be exposed to. I have experimented with this many times. I have been off line for 8 months or so but 2 weeks ago I got internet again and had no extra DLC maps and encountered many other players. There are 4 separate DLC map packs you can download with 4 new maps for each one. If you down load them all you may encounter “no games found” and end up waiting in the lobby for a very long time. You get matched up with players who have the same map packs as you do. Not all users have all 4 DLC map packs. You will need to experiment. Here is what you will need to do. Buy the game log in and play, note how many games found. up load your data to PN servers. Then download one of the DLC map packs and log in and play not how’s many games found. Down load another map pack or all of them and note how many games found. If you get no games found up load your COD AW data to PN servers them delete AW from your consoles this will remove all add on’s. Then reinstall AW to your console then download your AW data from PN and then you are good to go, go online and play. You have to go to the PN store where the back ground is blue and search for COD AW to find add on’s such as extra armory slots, extra classes and DLC map packs. CoD AW on line is alive and well...Get Some!

Any questions or concerns play ask I will respond. 

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ow do i upload my data to pn server

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