ERROR: Excedeed limit of 670 "weapon" assets

Advanced Warfare PlayStation 4

Every time I want to play in SURVIVAL EXO certain maps in my PS4, as "Defender" or "Sideshow", this error message that prevents me from playing off me.

ERROR: Excedeed limit  of 670 "weapon" assets
Any solution?.



Cada vez que quiero jugar en SUPERVIVIENCIA EXO a ciertos mapas en mi PS4, como "Defender" o "Sideshow", me sale este mensaje de error que me impide jugar.

Alguna solucion?.




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Hey there.


Let's start by giving this a try:


Let us know if that helps. Thanks.



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This fix does not work.

I have tried it, and probably many others.


Obviously some sort of overflow in the code happens to people which have "a certain number" of DLC's installed.

Making maps such as Bio lab, Defender and Sideshow throw error (Exceeded limit of 670 "weapon" assets.)


This is not due to post corrupted files!

This is a bug within the current release, and too fix the issue an update is required from your end.*


PS: I play on PC and Exo Survival throw this error too, on the maps listed above.

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