Possible Hacks (Aimbot) on PS4?

Advanced Warfare PlayStation 4

I was in a Ground War, DOM match this evening (1/16/15) and this one player had a 105 to 5 K/D at halftime. His ending score was 9999. He also dropped three DNA bombs during the entire match. Not even pro MLG players post these kind of numbers.

I watched the kill cam and it looked suspiciously like an aimbot seen in PC games (I also play PC shooters).

I know everybody swears consoles are safe, but then we had the Christmas PSN hacking, and after seeing the offending player just instantly snap to different players, one after the other, including me, it looks like the hackers have found a way to finally cheat on next-gen consoles, perhaps?

I don't want to start a panic, or create unnecessary drama. I'm just telling you all to be on the lookout because if somebody goes 105 to 5 and is just snapping -- instantly -- To target after target... That's not a human behind the controller, IMHO.

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Hey there JCONNOR

Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

We ask that you please report any suspected activity you see like this using the in game reporting tool. It helps with  tracking and we assure you that the issue will be looked into and if necessary actions will be taken upon that account.

We truly appreciate your support in this matter.



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Thank you, for acknowledging this thread.

As stated, I have enough experience with FPS to know what a good player looks like vs. an aimbot. The player in question... Whom I reported for cheating... Would just snap to targets one after the other. No delay, no over or under compensation in their aim. That's when you know there is a program helping the player because normal human aiming is not that precise every single time.

BlackFlag_of_Death, and others:

I hadn't thought about XIM -- The program that lets you use a mouse & keyboard on consoles, or modded controllers.

However, like I said, this player was literally snapping from target to target with machine-like efficiency and smoothness. Needless to say, I quit the match and immediately reported them.

Oh, and just to make a pre-emptive post... I do OK in this game. I am usually at the top of the leaderboard for whatever team  & mode I am playing at the end of the match. So, this isn't sour grapes, or an unfounded "hackusation" just because I was being "owned".  I don't care if I get beat, just as long as it's legit.

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Do not trust kill cam accuracy. It has never been correct. I watch my own kill cams and have never seen one that shows what I did accurately. Also snapping is very possible. Pro players snap very fast and anyone with a higher sensitivity setting can easily snap to targets. The game you are talking about is probably from someone who is a streamer. They play very well, but are often not part of the pro gamers. They reverse boost or buy god accounts to play in lobbies with people that are usually completely new to the game. Its easy to go 100+ in those lobbies with an experienced player.

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Holy necrobump.

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yep that's a bullcrap response
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I’m calling BS on that. I’ve seen multiple cheaters on PS4. Not saying I’m the best but I know a cheater when I see one. 

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Hacked 10000level

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activision will just ban their one account and make a new one since activision is too cheap to actual build more dedicated servers. we all know this, is the reason why they hack and they dont do anything about it. if they really cared about the consumer, they would already have done so after all these years. a host has the ability to conroll your latency, mod the lobby and use cheats. this is why COD is dying.  infinity ward sells a game that wasnt close to being finished, now hackers are all over this game on xbox one. they should do console bans, cause cheaters will not stop.

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I've been playing Call of Duty games since Black Ops....i just deleted both modern warfare remastered and infinite warfare. Through the years I've had many friends both personal and on playstation stop playing COD games because they believe the games developers do nothing to stop these cheaters, and now im one of them. My only regret is that I went against my better judgment and bought this latest trash they call a first person shooter. The only thing these developer's care about is money. Wouldnt doubt they are the same people behind these cheats people are buying.....endless circle of money rolling in. Good, honest people buy this and get cheated.....pathetic....

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