PS4 - error message "The Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare service is not available. Please try again later." 2018

Advanced Warfare Support


Two days ago, my CoD: AW was working perfectly well online, then as of yesterday, i get the above error message when trying to use anything online, including just the cod store. This issue seems to have been around since the release of the game, but i can't find any useful PS4 help.

Things i've tried:

- restarting my PS4 multiple times, in every way, inc. unplugging.

- disconnecting and reconnecting my (very strong) wifi on my PS4

- rebooting my modem/router

- checking that my PS4 is NAT type 2 (moderate)

- deleting and reinstalling the game

Nothing has helped so far. I dont have a second ethernet cable to try wired connection, but I know there's nothing wrong with my internet anyway. Connection tests on PS4 come back perfect.

Anyone have any advice? 

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