"No games found" is not "just how matchmaking works". Its a problem.

Advanced Warfare Xbox 360

I keep seeing all these posts saying this is simply matchmaking. That's not possible. First of all, this all started happening the day the last DLC came out. I was playing the night before with all my map packs and it was always search through 50 lobbies in HC DOM. The next day I downloaded the patch and I found zero lobbies in HC DOM and like 2 in Core TDM. I read about removing the map packs so I tried that. Once i removed all map packs I found about 4 lobbies in HC DOM and like 6 in Core TDM. Once i did that I tried every combination of having map packs loaded. The most lobbies I found with any map packs loaded was with map pack 1 loaded it found 1 or 2 lobbies. Any other combinations of map packs gave "No Games Found" error.

I live in the the northern NJ area of the US, which is the most densely populated area in the entire USA, and you expect me to believe that on a weekend night, there are only around 200 people playing this game (considering I find about 4 HC DOM lobbies and  about 7 Core TDM lobbies  and assume a few other game type lobbies assuming they all have 12 people in them). That's impossible. Plus this all started happening over the course of one day. No way that's possible.

Im actually not completely upset about it. Even though there's only a handful of lobbies, I can still play and constantly get into a game of HC Dom, but it does suck that I paid for all three map packs and can't use any of them. Plus it's very disappointing that Activision is going to keep saying this is just how matchmaking works when this is obviously a problem.

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Activision knows they have a mm problem, but since this game will be over in 6 weeks, they won't repair or attempt to repair anything. This game for me will go down as the worst ever.

I bought a next gen last week and NHL 16 and I'm done with AW until bo comes out....

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spoke with activision today, they are working on a patch and encourage anyone experiencing issues to contact them to help narrow issues down quickly.

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I appreciate the enthusiasm, but I seriously doubt it, this has been a problem for months. That's some try hard phone tech feeding you bs...imo

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They really should have taken the "NOBODY CAN FIND A GAME" issue more seriously. It's a ongoing laughing joke that this game fycks itself over with every update. Every update they seem to make the game worse than before.

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I waiting for fix this problem, like bunch of x360 owner. just do it

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Hey there xThCLtdx,

We apologize for any inconvenience. Can you please clarify the platform you are playing on? Are you on a wired or wireless connection? What is your NAT type? How long have you been experiencing this issue?



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It sounds like it is happening on all platforms as I have read multiple, or hundreds or postings by 360 owners and ps3 owners, along with myself on the ps4.  Why is this even an issue, I used to be able to play with ease, and now I can't find a single match.  What now?  And I have strong wireless, etc etc.  Nothing has changed, just the game and the online multiplayer experience, which is obsolete.

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lol derrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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I have a ps4 and im having this same problem no games found i cant seem to fine the problem no matter what i try can anyone help me


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