"No games found" is not "just how matchmaking works". Its a problem.

Advanced Warfare Xbox 360

Just installed invasion map pack and just started to get the "no games found" when I try to find a game. Am I to believe that I am being punished for purchasing this add on? Please fix this issue or refund me for the map pack I purchased if removal is the only way for this problem to be fixed. Thank you 

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I really hope I can play because I now have a 360 and purchased the disc version with the season pass. I last played this game many months ago on ps3 without any DLC and was always able to find TDM games (I only play TDM). I often ran into the same players at a certain point but I was always able to play.

If I install all of the DLC available and I can't play I'm going to be really mad because I paid just over 50 dollars for it all thinking I was actually going to be able to use it. I mean this is a AAA big name title here, it's not like there should be any shortage of players that makes it impossible to find games with every piece of dlc installed on 360. But I also just want to play in TDM anyways and I don't care about much else but just finding games and being able to have a good time with it. I'm in CT too and usually the area is pretty dense with players on any game that has them.

So what should I do here? Just install all the DLC packs + atlas gorge or all of them without it to find more players? If need be I'll go with installing nothing but if I can still get games with absolutely everything installed that's what I'm doing.

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I agree with the OP 1000%

Let's be perfectly clear, this happens for EVERY COD GAME!

- I bought the Rezurrection map pack for BO1 by itself, "No Games Found" error popped up, could not play a single multiplayer game after that.

- Bought DLC collection 4 for MW3 by itself, "No Games Found" error popped up for everything from multiplayer to Spec Ops games, had to uninstall the map pack the same day to play regular multiplayer maps again.

- Bought 3 out of 4 map packs for BO2, DLC pack 4 gets released and "No Games Found" error pops up once more, THEN when there was a sale on DLC for that game, I decide to finally buy the final pack and everything worked again!!

- COD Ghost - didn't touch any of the DLC map packs, game was too terrible by itself.

- Now here we are today. I buy COD AW, then bought DLC packs 1 & 3 when they first came out (thinking the error HAD to be fixed by now), then exactly 1 day after the final DLC pack is released, I get a couple of title updates and BAM...."No Games Found" error returns once again and I can no longer play multiplayer!! I've even waited in the lobby for an hour straight to see if I would ever get a single match, nothing.

It's like having an expiration date on a game.

There's MILLIONS of players playing these games daily, and when the regular maps work I'm even matched with players from across the WORLD, but for some reason since I only have a certain amount of DLC packs, there isn't ANYBODY else on the planet that has those same DLC packs for me to get matched with???

I've talked with every kind of support rep you can name, even Xbox support to inquire about refunds (which I could never get, of course), and nothing is ever done about this...ever. We shouldn't have to be FORCED to buy all 4 DLC packs in order for the game to work again. Maybe I don't want to pay $60 then another $50-60 after that, half of the packs that are released simply do not interest me.

I had planned on getting an Xbox One w/BO3 next month, but after dealing with this mess one more time on AW, I am absolutely, 100%, without a doubt DONE with any future Call Of Duty games. I'm simply fed up, it's turned into a ripoff for every single game and nothing ever gets fixed/patched. Enjoy the money.

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I'm not playing CoD that often (just took interest in the different playstyle of advanced warfare really) and always knew it was the biggest rip off on earth but before getting into Advanced Warfare I didn't know things were this bad and how the poorly managed DLC is literally tearing apart of community as if a ton of console divisions weren't enough as absolutely nothing is ever done to fix any of it. I'm in shock at how you can just ignore so many problems that even break your game and make people not want to buy anymore copies of it. I guess these companies are just so big that the initial net of profits is all that matters at all and since they don't care they aren't even going to waste any time or money to fix their broken games cause as soon as it's put out there is probably already work being done on the next CoD game.

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Exactly. You would have never known about these problems if not for forum threads like these (this isn’t the only one btw), because like it says in the title, the general response from COD support staff is “That’s just how matchmaking works”.

After hearing that, people just give in and buy the rest of the DLC packs in order to play the game again, which is why it’s never been publicized to the point where the developers feel the need to address it.

It’s a blatant ripoff that’s been going on for years.

Yesterday was my first time even posting on this forum, and that was only because I decided to pop in my Advanced Warfare disc to see if the problem was fixed, but I was greeted with a “You must create a Call Of Duty account to play multiplayer” message (which apparently I never done the last time that I’ve played AW). Still no multiplayer matches needless to say, I even uninstalled every trace of DLC + updates from my hard drive last night, still absolutely nothing.

The developers are quick to patch the game to prevent a few stage exploits, but for the sake of money, there’s NEVER been a patch to fix the issue of not being able to play due to the amount of DLC you’ve purchased in these games.

Check out the 2 screenshots that I’ve attached of the conversation (not the full convo, just their response) that I had with Xbox support a couple years ago (about the MW3 DLC problem), even the XBOX SUPPORT GUY basically said that their DLC is a waste of money.



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When I first got the game with no DLC on ps3 around easter time this year I remember creating one as soon as I tried to play multiplayer and then it just auto logged me in every time after that, didn't have any problems finding games either but I guess there was less of a content barrier at the time too.

And yes good thing I decided to check out the 360 version forum here or I would be so confused at what was going on. I heard there was also some player skill divisions going on in matchmaking too that can be complicating things even more on top of content and location divisions. What a mess. I never bought DLC before but I wanted to play this game again and thought with getting the atlas pro online for just 50 altogether I thought I was getting a pretty good deal for something I would be playing for a long time with an at least acceptable amount of players, guess I got scammed hard. But the game should be coming in tomorrow so I'll see myself soon.

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If you just got all the DLC I'm sorry to say that yes it is technically the cause of the problem and it's a real shame as they actually did a fantastic job with creating the maps and screwing us out of not playing it is awful.

If you can be bothered to read my theory on what has happened when the first DLC came out there was zero problem in finding matches. Then the second DLC came out... still no problem! Then the third... Still no problem! Then the fourth... Wait we can't find matches anymore?!

I refuse to believe that the community brought the 1st, 2nd and 3rd dlc but then not the fourth... Especially as almost everyone who gets DLC are people who love the game get the season pass which entitles them to every DLC. Also even if that was the case if you delete the 4th DLC and keep the other three then you'd find games in no time but the problem still persists with any DLC included.

There was defiantly something that went wrong on the last gen update to add the 4th DLC that screwed all DLC matchmaking up. But to be honest I don't think fixing it now would help. They missed their window by a long shot. I love Advanced Warfare but for ever reason it didn't sell as well as other cods so of course there's going to be a smaller player pool. Then factor in the fact that on last gen people are constantly moving over to next gen and that means the small player pool is dwindling and becoming smaller all the time.

Then also factor in that the DLC screwed up the matchmaking so you can only find TDM when you're lucky and it's getting smaller. And the vast majority t of the community don't read the forums so they'll just assume no one plays the game anymore and they'll put it down and never go back to it because of that.

So even if they fix it now loads of people won't know it's been fixed and won't come back to the came. This game has basically been screwed over permanently by a messed up update which should have been acknowledged and worked on to fix as soon as people started reporting the problems.

My only advice to you is to delete the DLC. If you're on PS3 that will mean deleting the game and then reinstalling it without downloading the DLC. If it's like the 360 though you might be able to find TDM matches if you wait 5-10 mins for a lobby. Also, on the 360 I've noticed that having the first DLC and none of the others makes it easier to find matches but you might still have to wait a few minutes.

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Having the same problem.  Tried to play for the first time in a while after work, and nothing...  If you ask me I am sick of getting horrible customer support or hearing about it, and hearing about people spending all this money, myself included, and essentially the game is obsolete and can't even play.  Season passes at minimum should be refunded as for any DLC.  Whether it be in credit form or money towards the next/newest COD game.  It is a problem that should have been not only addressed but warning the loyal players of any forthcoming issues that may occur such as this.  I mean come on!!!

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I'm having this same problem on xbox one. Iv dlc 1-3 on advanced warfare but can't get into any multiplayer game

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Hey the Advanced Warfare DLC Content Might be the problem try to remove or disable The DLC Content..

Try to Join a Game Mode with the DLC removed or Disabled and then see if it works.

Because other Players Might not have the DLC Content so that would mean less People playing with the DLC Content enabled.

and that would cause The Games Not Found Issue..

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