FOUND SOLUTION !!! to "no games found" Hardcore

Advanced Warfare Xbox One

i know many of your have had issues with not being able to find hardcore games in the lobbies. so what i did was uninstalled the whole game then reintalled the game without the DCL maps. but im such an avid HC player i just at the lose of buying the dlc maps and just didnt re download the maps.

so if you wanna play HC you needs get ride of the dlc maps!! no i can find HC game no problem


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well it don't really help if your losing maps you should still be able to play hardcore on any map that's the whole point so when you find the SOLUTION!! for that let us all know!!

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I would say this is an alternate way if you wish to play Hardcore Matches in the game. It's not a solution though as you'll not be able to find matches once you reinstalled the DLC maps back to the console.

Still, this is good information. Thanks for sharing.

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The problem with this is that you Defcon 1988 are probably putting more effort into finding a solution than SHG/Activision. They don't care anymore and haven't even sorted release day glitches so they aren't gonna bother trying as their contract is essentially over. 3 years work for 1 years gameplay that was the over shadowed by map exploits, scorestreak glitches, and the random weapon distribution. BO3 is out soon so it's onto the next botch job cash cow.

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It takes a bit longer to find a decent game on Hardcore, thats all i ever play anyway, after just finding out that Black ops 3 has not put in Domination or Kill Confirmed to the hardcore playlists  it seems i have just wasted money buying that poxy game, so now i find myself back on Advance Warfare for my Domination fix, i must say its far easier now as it seems that for some reason there are lots of newbies just starting this game, cannon fodder for myself to help finish off some of the challenges.

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All I want to play is hardcore death match in advance warfare and never any games found. But as soon as I play regular, ina game lobby ASAP. I’m dying halp

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