PS4 looking for good players for UMGs

Advanced Warfare eSports

I am 17 looking for good people to play GBs with. I am trying to go pro.

The requirements are:

  • not to be negative.
  • have a mic
  • know callouts
  • be 15 and older
  • must be on 5 days of the week and play 4-6 hours (we can take breaks)

My PSN; kerminator09

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Could i join?

i do good with team game plays.

and i'm a team player more than a killer but I can do both

i'm 15 so school is a thing ill try to be on though.

i have a mic and a nice person. but i tend to play with music more than sound and yes its better I find that i do better with music and no game sound than game sound.

i tend to get an even score with kills deaths and scores like uplink and dom. i don't really play tdm or SnD or SnR.

i can be both aggressive and defensive with our points.

and that's all.

PSNSmiley Frustratedoljaboy111

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