Reruitment needed, PSN(PS4). Looking for a good team that uses real world tactics online.

Advanced Warfare eSports


COD Games playing - Advanced Warfare (23 hours, Completed on VETERAN, almost prestiged LEVEL 48, 2 Wins away from being in Silver League in online esports)

                               - Ghosts, just started to play through single player on VETERAN.

I have a small reputation for commanding random teams in Online Team Deathmatch to victories and comebacks(mic).

Video Game Command Past History Resume for recruiting Teams.

-COD Modern Warfare Completed on VETERAN

-COD Modern Warfare 2 Completed on VETERAN

-COD Modern Warfare 3 Completed on VETERAN

-COD Black Ops 1 Completed on VETERAN

-COD Back Ops 2 Completed on VETERAN, Online PSN(PS3), game replays of me commanding to wins available username: HandyRandy4

Other: -Universe at War: Completed on HARD

-Command and Conquer 1: Completed on HARD

-Command and Conquer 3: Completed on HARD, Online Record 100 Wins, 30 loses.

-Red Alert 2 + Expansion: Completed on HARD, Online Record TOP 10 Westwood/EA Leaderboards

-Red Alert 3: Completed on Hard

-Command and Conquer GENERALS+ZERO HOUR, Replays Available at "gamereplays".

-Star Craft 2: Johanasburg Division Leader 1st Place, Tetra Division 6th Place.

-Civilization 4 : Completed on NOBLE Difficulty

OK, thanks for taking the time to consider me guys, thats about all my relevent war game video game history, I hope I make it to a good team intime for the World League start.





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