Slow download for Game upgrade & new map unacceptable

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I'm based in UK and on BT  infinity 2 broadband, 74mb download, 18mb upload. XB1 console started 3.8gb AW game download this morning at 11am and it took over 3 hrs , and now new DLC map is over 2 hrs download & only 91% complete , not to mention sporadic map jumping in game of late , is Microsoft downgraded servers over loss of COD franchise to Sony ?

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I don't think it has anything to do with Microsoft's servers. I'm pretty sure your download comes directly from Activision's servers. Also, the games that you play on are Activision. I don't seem to have any trouble on Halo 5 or Doom. Both of those have excellent connection and no lag.


I think they might be stretched thin. They have too many games on too few servers. I wonder if anyone from Activision will ever shed some light on this. 

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