Black Ops III Personalization Packs missing

Black Ops 3 PlayStation 4

So to be straight forward, three years ago I preordered the Black Ops 3 digital deluxe edition, and with it, received three DLC personalization packs (Weaponized 115, Cyborg, Black Ops III). I was just playing recently and happened to go into create a class and saw that all three packs were gone. I no longer have the camos, reticles, or calling cards. I’m honestly confused as to what happened. Also, I saw that my zombies “Lucid” camo is missing as well. A bit pissed honestly. Can I get some help?

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I'm having somewhat of the same problem but where I bought the Zombies Deluxe bundle and when the personalization packs and they game downloaded the extra skins were there but once the DLCs downloaded they disappeared from the customization options (the weapons that had the skins on them still do but I can't even see the skins in the menu)

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