Cant join friends game yet both of our NAT types are moderate...

Black Ops 3 PlayStation 4

Whenever my friend and I try to join each-others games in multiplayer, zombies and campaign, we cant connect. This is weird as we both have moderate NAT types..... please help!

The error message just says "ERROR lobby unavailable"

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I am having this same problem also , I am hoping there a chance they do fix this T_T

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Just log into your wifi modem, and put in the psn ip address into it.

or do a little researching on how to open your NAT. It's quite easy to do, and won't effect your wifi or computer usage....

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Thanks for adding more into my reply, can't really do much when you're on a phone.

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Log into your router settings, reserve the IP of your console and then open the ports for PSN/XBOX LIVE and any individual ports there may be for BO3. Complete this then turn your router off, give it 20 seconds then turn it back on. This should change your NAT type.

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Hello defromedninja,

Please use the information here to make your NAT type Open-- also encourage your friend to do the same. This issue should be resolved when you have both port forwarded.

Thank you. ^MS

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I had the same problem. You have to go into the modem or router settings and in port forwarding you have to click black ops and allow it. If not make a new port with the name black ops. It’s easier if you search it up. It help me 

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