The link for "Chat with an Activision Agent" doesn't work...

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The link for "Chat with an Activision Agent" doesn't work, it's just blue text that's underlined.
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Hi there.


What can I help you with?



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The NAT type on my game Black Ops 3 on PS4 continues to be strict no matter what I do.

I am only allowed to join certain of my friends lobbies, but others it comes up with an error and never joins the lobby.

I've reset my internet countless times, attempted to port forward to change the NAT type  but it never seems to work.

Even on the rare occasion that it changes on its own, it goes back to strict then next day and im unsure about what I should do to fix the problem.


A solution to this problem would be greatly appreciated



Nicky m8
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The link didn't work for me either and my question was that I sent a disc form because my game wasn't working properly and I was wondering were the heck is my new disc because I sent the disc form about a month ago. Can you help me?

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you would'nt happen to be able to help me as well would you im having the same problem with the chat link not working

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Never received my beta token for WW2 

and blue chat does not work.  What next?

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Hello could you please help me out I completed the “Killer Mastery” challenge and the last challenge I had to do was called “Doing Work” I have achieved the medal of those 2 popping up I was on USS TEXAS I killed 5 guys that had C flag and was defending there flag I captured the flag and got these 2 medals but when i looked the challenges still shows that it is locked. Could you please help My gamertag is bRANDONNNj on PS4 Platform it was done on my first game of domination I was playing with KillahQueen_x please check the data base for recent games. I don’t have screenshot or anything which is why I begging you to look in recent games database.

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Im on ps3 my blaxk ops 3 stuck it wont move to play multiplayer 

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