Black Ops 3 Xbox 360 Issues. Anyone else?

Black Ops 3 Xbox 360

When i play cod bo3 on the 360 i experience a few problems.

  • disconnects during game
  • disconnects before game starts
  • freezes xbox 360
  • lags a lot.
  • basically disconnects at anytime then freezes xbox when turned back on.

If you experience any problems please tell me. Hopefully Treyarch can do something about it.

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Well i have this issue as well, basically my xbox freeze at times, there a problem when someone leave or join it flash a bit and then another thing that the kill cam doesn't show u that the person shot u on the spot like in other COD games so basically this game unstable due to the big lags that going on, they say it upload speed but it just them having issue with there xbox 360 servers.

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I have the same issues aswell on my xbox. This is really frustrating and definitely not inviting me to keep playing especially cuz the game seem to be very nice. The current issues i'm facing are:

- Lagg problems which isn't because of my connection. I did some speedtests on my xbox and i have my ping shown in the start menu which is always around 40-60.

- Disconnections. Often there's a host migration or connection interrupted. This results in either leaving the game or my xbox freezes.

- Xbox freeze. This mainly happens when there's a host migration or when people join or leave the lobby.

- Hit detection seems to be pretty off. I often clearly aim on the game and doesnt get a single hit. Watching the killcam and it shows i havent even fired a shot. Please fix this.

Thanks ahead,

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I also have the same issues listed above. Im glad to see its not just me.

- Lag  

I've checked every kill cam since this problem started. Every time I get killed, even though according to the kill cam, I'm not being aimed at directly. The game play seems ok, but I get killed way too quickly (only one shot seems to do it). Its as if I've moved on the map, but the actual visual aspect of the game hasn't caught up yet. I have to pre-empt where players are going to be to even be remotely close at getting a hit. I've even tried 3 network configurations, wireless to my router, wired to my router and wireless to my phone just to check if it was my internet, but always getting the same problem with lag.

Im very disappointed that I've spent £40 on a game which I can't even enjoy.


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i have all the exact same problems as listed above, i lagged out in a game that i got gold on my krm and when got disconnected i lost the gold camo. The camo is not the main probem but very annoying. ebery 3rd game i get disconnected and lose my stats fo the game and its very frustrating. Also freezes my 360 at times, will this eber be fixed?

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