Black ops 4 zombies experience

Black Ops 3 Zombies

So after playing all the maps I feel like im not going to play them as I did with BO3. The new perk system is trash and the zombies are to hard. Let me explain. There is no jugg so i feel vulnerable at all times especially in the higher rounds. There is no speed cola so reloading an LMG in the higher rounds is scerwed. The zombies start full on sprinting at round 3 and double smack you. All doors or stupid expensive. No one complained about the old perk system and all that. I understand that you guys wanted to do the health multiplayer stuff  but leave it for multiplayer. Us zombie fans like the old stuff. Im just saying do a poll or feedback from more zombie fans and see what they tell you because from all I see is people want the old perks back. I know treyarch listens to the fans I hope they do this time

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