Der Eisendrache Easter Egg PS4

Black Ops 3 Zombies

Hello My roomate and I are looking for 1 more player to help with the der eisendrache easter egg (for 3 players in total).


  • Must Speak Fluent English
  • Must know the basics of the map 
  • Must be willing to work with us for at least 1 game per week (usually on fridays/saturdays 8:00 PM Eastern time)
  • Must know the basics of the easter egg (how to get bow, upgrade bow, go back in time etc...)
  • Must have good communication skills and be a team player.
  • Must have a microphone to communicate


We are both very experienced with the der eisendrache easter egg and are often times ready to start the boss by round 12 at the earliest. We are great team players and are willing to work with you to accomplish the easter egg and would love to help teach you if you are uncomfortable with the easter egg. You may wonder why we want 3 people instead of 4? The answer has two parts

  • so we don't have to deal with the fire bow! The fire bow is a challenging bow and can take a lot of time and resources away from the team and easter egg to complete
  • Many more panzers spawn in the boss round when 4 players are active we have found that 3 people have the right balance of zombies/panzers and firepower produced.

Our team has made it to the boss several times but requires some additional assistance when it comes to the panzer round as they can become quickly overwhelming.

This post might be serious but we are cool relaxed people and are just looking to have some fun doing the easter egg!


Your Role in the Easter Egg

Your primary role in the easter egg would be to get either the 1.) Lightning or 2.) Wolf bows fully upgraded, help locating the miscellaneous whips around the map, keeping a zombie alive at the end of certain rounds to give us time to do the easter egg

and finally helping charge the keeper/complete the boss! If you are experienced with other easter eggs and would like to join our team full time we can definitely work something out!

Looking forward to playing with you!


Contact Information:

My PS4 Gamertag: aerodude30

Roomate PS4 Gamertag: GuiltyGuy101

Add us on the PS4 network and send us a message letting us know you saw this post and we will setup a time to complete this easter egg when its convenient for all of us! 

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