Black Ops 3 Zombies

Host migration STILL NOT WORKING!    The game has been out for nearly 3 months now and this still isn't fixed.  Is this the kind of piss-poor development and support we should be expecting now from Treyarch developed games? 

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Guess what, the game has been out for almost a year now and it still isn't fixed... This sucks

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I love the zombies mode. Bought the base game and the season pass mainly to play zombies. That's £60+.


I'd say a good 1/3 of my zombies games end (usually after 40-50 minutes of play) because the host goes down and ragequits. EVERY TIME, host migration fails. I honestly cannot remember the last time it was successful. 


It's so incredibly frustrating to spend 40-50 minutes (sometimes well over an hour) getting a good set up and working on the Easter egg, to have it all wiped away because someone can't handle losing a couple of perks.


This has been an ongoing problem that hasn't been addressed, hell, as far as I'm aware they haven't even acknowledged it! 


I would ask for it to be fixed, but I'm already certain that would fall on deaf ears. 

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This is happening too frequently.  Fix the problem!!!!

@GulfCoastGirl wrote:

Every single game... rage quitters by round 5... and game ends.  FIX THIS GARBAGE and make the host migrate!


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Isn't it saddening to see that this post was made in 2012 (5 Years ago) and the same issue still exists to this day?

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This is some major bull*****, I got fed up w/this crap in For Honor, now I have to deal with it here?  Oh hells no!  Luckily I bought it used for 8.99, it's still a ***** shame companies won't come up off some of the profits from sales to buy some *****ing servers for a multiplayer game they released!!

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I know! I spend hours every game doing so much work, then somebody leaves and the ENTIRE GAME ENDS and I lose ALL my weapons, ALL my progress, ALL the money I spent on liquid divinium for the Gobblegums I lost in that game, and most of all, I lose hours of my time! Why did they do this? In BO2, if someone left, they just left. In BO3, the game automatically ends EVERY TIME somebody leaves. God, it's so annoying.

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I agree, almost every game.  Then when the migration actually works there is just and missing tags which cause you to TK on accident.  This needs fixed!



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Agree, I’m so sick of playing for 3 rounds then a rage quit ruins the whole game cause someone can’t play..

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I have the same f#$% problem, I spend more time trying to play the game than actually playing...Help 

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