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Black Ops 3 Zombies

i'm glad so many of you have taken interest in the clan, it would help me alot if you would become a member of the forum so i can keep a tab of our current members. if not please add me on skype: jameybaines123 or PSN: Jamey_Beanz

i think if we can get 10 members per month until launch we could have a really strong community

if enough of you add me on skype aswell, ill start a group chat as it will be a good place to get to know each other as well as discuss possibilities for the clan

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I think this clan is quite cool but we need more members... So check it out and join

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sure I am looking to make a zombie slaying team

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Hey im also really interested in joining your clan. I love zombie cant wait until the games released. Add me on PSN: Daniela1715

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i am very interested i am on ps4 and my psn is zg290012. I do have a mic

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Hey buddy it's LordOfDaZombiez also a former member of NZP. I have already created a zombies clan to replace NZP that has been active for about a year now. We are called Zombie Outbreak Mercenaries ~ZOM~ We have roughly 15-20 members currently but most are PC players. We are actively recruiting for console players now. Feel free to check our website out at we also have a YouTube, twitter, and twitch account set up. Also given your drive to create and curate a zombies community, I wouldn't be opposed to making you a GM if you want to merge your clan with ours. PM me if you're interested.

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Im interested In join a zombie clan add me PSN "dubNinja"

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Anyone on XB1? Ill definitely join I'm pretty good solo can get to 50+ looking forward to shadows of evil and the giant

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Yo add me I'm on xboxone Walmart don't have kids here so I'm going to order one next paycheck GT: chief SUPERFAIL

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Hey so I'm looking to join a zombie clan! I do not have a mic tho but zombies is my life I know what I'm doing if you need anything come knife me and I will follow you I'm getting a if soon tho!add me my gamer tag is chief SUPERFAIL

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