When playing local game multiplayer zombies offline will logging in online help the game play lag or

Black Ops 3 Zombies

When playing local game multiplayer zombies offline will logging in online help the game play lag or speed ?

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Hi dude, 


If you're a Cod fan, you would know that this has been the issue for many COD games esp WW2 cod. 


Me personally I play as a lone wolf on zombies because my friends are in to fortnite and GTA and even driving games. 


However, it's true. COD has a dedicated cloud map for zombies, so when you're game mode is played offline, it's still connected to COD servers for smoother runs of the maps. Usually you notice games aren't as responsive when they aren't connected to a mainframe. You'll have a delayed half a second reaction on actions. When connected online there's data being drawn back and forth off the server that is dedicated, and the fact you need to think about all the data and how big a game is, it's common sense that when you first put that cd in it downloads the game information on to your hardive so you can play it.


Then you need to think about the fact can your hard drive qualities run such a big game? Cope with the demand of 1-4 human players and not bots. 


So generally being online youre using the say "cloud" version off the servers of the game data which is far superior to what is the minimum to run the game downloaded on your hardware because not everyone can afford the online account cost, so the game makers want everyone included but unfortunately they are playing the game at minimum capabilities. 


So its correct both ways. The game will have less delay being connected online and using their superior servers compared to what the games minimum requirement when first played is downloaded on to your hardrive


When I'm not connected to my online account even if I'm not using online features, I find that my game loading time is longer and my game is not as responsive as to being online and playing this game or any game. 


Though if you have an account why not log online to your account. Enjoy the maximum capability of the game. Not the minimum. 


Servers and clouds have more more data capabilities than your home

alone hardrive! Maps the game out better. It's all about data pinging is the correct term from game to server or game information to your hardrive.


One word of advice if you want optimum capabilities of the game, I know on PC you can configure the graphics and screen display and this will make the game quicker and along with being online and using the made for online games server. 


Youll have to google the optimum display settings. Then connecting online and using a bigger data transfer makes the game itself quick to respond. You won't be button bashing to get the best out of your experience. 


Anyways let me know how it goes, but if you have an online account Ofcourse log on and make the game experience better even if the game mode is made for offline. Downloading is for people who want to play offline but don't care about experience and slow gameplay, but connecting online you're using their ready made maps dedicated to a fast server that have these modes mapped out so it's a smoother play. 


Depends, do you want a Ferrari or a bus pass? Lol




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