Black Ops 3 Zombies

I agree, it seems closer to exo zombies then the original zombies and it's not good. the zombies come on way too strong way too early. It defeats the point of having progressively harder rounds if by round 6/7 its already hard to survive. It's getting tiring really fast of spending 30 minutes getting a basic set up to find out everyone else has been downed and rage quit and I'm on my own. If you go down after about round 7/8 there is no chance of surviving again and you might as well quit as without Jugganog on even those low rounds you cant survive long enough to make it to Jugganog to re-buy it. I've been eagerly awaiting this game for the last 3 years telling myself that this is going to be the best zombies game yet as they've had 3 years to develop this game but at this point I'd rather un-box my 360 and play another game of origins or mob of the dead. DLC 1 better be better than this first glimpse.

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wheres grief?

1 map?

1 mode?

its pretty shabby to be fair

ive played with m8s,randoms in public & BY FAR the best strategy is greed ON YOUR OWN to learn the map  etc as goin back for downed team mates is certain death without perks or the luck of the gobblegum box .

guns stutter on ps3 ,unresponsive when firing many times,box ive only been to a few times managed RG mark 1 & some shotgun,wallbuys aint to bad the more you rank up the more you can change the weapon - yes a nice pretty camo while im laying bleeding to death is really a must have in this years edition

lag isnt as bad as last 2 titles but then again we only have about 15 % of the game,no campaign or HC domination are 2 drawbacks.

round 4/5 the zombies suddenly seem to speed up like they escaped from the AW hard drive ,jesus yes speed em up but not that fast .Jugg by round 4 or 5 is attainable if you follow the red bottle = simple eh ...lmao nope ,its a freakin maze out there but visually stunning ,great job on the setting,but needs a tweak & grief in the woods please

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Why not go back to the start when it was awesome to play 

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To me it's fine but I agree there should be an update to add a difficulty settting but it obviously stops you from doing easter eggs when you change the setting.

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Too hard? Its too easy! Any weapon you pack a punch can be modified to be better than any wonder weapon in the game. Just having blast furnace means you can drop about 20 zombies with 1-2 bullets and with the thunder wave mod you basically have a mini thunder gun. 


The only thing that is dissapointing is there are no good wonder weapons anymore. The new one on the shino remake is just the gun from mob of the dead. They put no thought into adding something new at all there. At that why would I ever use that gun when a wall gun can be modified to be 1000 times more devastation and last wayyyy longer? 


Theres too many trivial tasks involved with getting essentials online. Should just be you go to the power switch turn it on and pack a punch is always accessible. You didnt have to do anything special for the basic essentials in bo1. Other buildables and easter egg content should just be for fun or a crazy reward like all perks forever and things like that.

Things like this are the reason the giant even though its a remake was just way more fun to play than shadows of evil. 


I think they did alot of things right but sometimes they try a little too hard  it seems. 


Where is phd flopper!?!? Been mia for too long!

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It seems like the difficulty of the actual zombies them selves seems to have gotten harder. However, this is negated by the extremely powerful guns we have now and the Gobblegums. Due to the powerful guns (double PaP) and Gobblegums I have to say BO3 zombies is the easiest of all the 3 arc zombies.


I wouldn't mind seeing more zombies on the map at one time and having the zombies come even more crazy. They went in the right direction as far as that goes. 

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