Pro Tips – Site 244: Uplink

By AdvancedWarfare4 on May 14, 2015

An alien spacecraft has crash landed in the shadow of Mt. Rushmore, USA, and our enemies are already en route to discover whatever technology may still be intact. This week, we’re looking at Uplink on Site 244, a new multiplayer map from the Call of Duty®: Advanced Warfare Ascendance DLC pack, available now on Xbox LIVE, PlayStation®Network, and PC.



Know Your Lanes

Site 244 is big, and as with all big maps, it’s vital that you stay focused and keep moving toward the objective. With three distinct lanes of travel, in and around the alien fuselage, there’s a lot of room for the satellite drone to get tossed around, and you want to stay on top of it without blindly rushing out in the open. Pay attention to the various angles, objects, and shortcuts along each lane to better anticipate movement and make smart decisions when rushing the drone.

Out of Bounds

With such a wide stretch of land between the two uplink stations, pushing back the enemy team can feel like an uphill battle as they close in on your territory. If they catch you on the back foot, focus on getting your hands on the drone and tossing it out of bounds for a reset. Just be prepared for another big fight in the bottom lane as both sides attempt to capture the reset.

Better Odds

Site 244’s map-based Super Serum does wonders for your Uplink playing ability. Obtained through chance via an Orbital Care Package, the Super Serum momentarily gives a slight boost to your total health, and even more importantly, highlights enemy movement through walls and cover. Consider the Better Odds Module (+200) to increase your chance of acquiring the serum. If you’re on the attack, save the serum until you grab the drone, providing great insight toward the path with the least resistance.

Grappling? Go Heavy

In the traditional, non exo-grapple playlist, it’s important to gear up based on the role you’re playing. Playing defense? By all means, bring out the heavy-hitters, but you’ll need to stay light if you’re attacking and hope to keep up with enemy drone carriers. With Exo Grapple, however, you’ve got a bit more room to experiment. As long as you’re using the grapple to stay mobile, you can risk carrying around a heavier weapon, such as Ascendance’s deadly Ohm.

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