Cluster Grenades and Bowie Knives

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I have two notes on blackout. Clusters and Bowie knives are extremely unbalanced. The Bowie is acceptable but clusters are ridiculous. There is no time to dodge and no chance to live. It's not about adapting and overcoming a challenge. They are just a free kill ticket. I have a few notes on how they could be better. 

-larger timer

-25 damage per explosion

-less damage to vehicles

-or vault them all together

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Don't know why this posted in ww2 it was meant for bo4

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about Bowie knives you are nuts since its a worthless item in blackout the you can get a kill with it on few way's only.

from a sneak attack from behide so long he not see's you.

use concussion grenate.

and at the start from the game if the others have no weapons and most use there fist's.

vs a gun the player lose automatic that's using a bowie knive against a gun.


and cluster are good agaunst vehicles if you stuck then on the right place close to the player then its a kill if you stuck it far from the player then its weak.

and also if you stuck it to a player is automatic kill for you.


and this is also a big thing that play's in blackout if you master items and weapons in blackout good and know how to use then in a good way then it become's something powerfull item and weapon against other players but if you not know how to master it then you have trouble.

and not forgot this is call of duty if you master some weapons and items and know how to use then right to get good kills with it then it become's powerfull its a skill each player most learn on there own.

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So you're saying a grenade on a vehicle shouldn't kill anyone that's in it? Maybe idiots shouldn't spend the whole game just trying to run over players in an FPS game. 

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