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So we nerfed the Spitfire and the SDM, buffed the Auger and Rampart, but there are still a lot of issues. 


Seems like I very rarely get kills with the SDM nowadays and it often takes 5 shots to kill. 5 shots from a sniper rifle. For contrast, many automatic guns in Multiplayer kill in 5 shots, actually do have aim assist, way better recoil, mag size, ADS times, idle sway etc. SDM is just a really bad Outlaw now. 


Also the Auger DMR and all the LMG's are still bad guns. It's quite difficult to find enough .50 cal ammo to even use the VKM as a normal gun even if I'm looting death stashes. The Hades has a decent fire rate but the high recoil/spread pattern and low damage per round plus the LMG's slow strafe speed makes this a terrible gun. The only issue with the Auger is the unpalatable recoil and ballistics, it doesn't behave like a "tactical rifle." This gun is one of the worst guns in the game, in a weapon class of 3 guns along with the ABR which is widely regarded as one of the best guns in Blackout, I don't know why there's such a huge disparity in power level in a weapon class of 3 guns. Any gun that can equip a sniper scope ought to have superior ballistics instead of being little more than a semiautomatic KN57. 

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I've never been a fan of the DMR. Too much recoil for the damage it does. The SDM isn't even worth picking up anymore, and the Spitfire is only worth picking up if you don't have anything for short range yet. 


Frankly the only guns I even consider picking up are as follows: 







Whatever the pump-action shotgun is called (lol)


That's basically it. I'll obviously pick up any gun if I just landed and don't have anything, but those are essentially the only guns I'm looking for. I will pick up the other snipers because they aren't terrible, but I'm aiming for the head with snipers anyway so the Outlaw wins with its speed/maneuverability. 

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Best gun by far is the ABR. With full attachments and a suppressor its a beast.
I noticed today thats not worth anymore to pick up any sniper rifles. Koshka and Paladin are hitmarkers machines. I hit moving targets today with both guns, and just got hitmarkers. One guy was not even wearing armor. Its a joke.
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Yeah I usually try to carry a sniper as my secondary, and yeah body shots feel like they do almost no damage. A week or two ago I hit a guy in the jaw with an Outlaw as he was about to run me over on a quad. It counted as a body shot and did 39hp damage, lol. 


I think body shots should do a lot more damage, and if you don't have armor they should be a 1 hit kill/knock. I also think you should only have to hit someone once when they're knocked to end them with a sniper. I've literally been in God knows how many situations where I knock a guy with a sniper, then because his teammate is right next to him behind cover, he starts getting res'd, but I can still see him so I hit him multiple times with the same sniper as he's knocked, and because most snipers take forever to get follow up shots, he's already res'd and healing before I can get enough bullets on target. 


1. I think snipers should do more body damage. 

2. It should take at least 2-3 times as long to res a teammate (unless you have the medic perk) 

3. They should add more bullet drop to snipers so that it takes some skill to use. (Only if they up the body damage though) 

4. Remove concussions. 

5. Make lvl3 armor only spawn in supply drops. (Not the supply crates that spawn around the map)

6. Make the repair plates only available in an enemy's (or friendly's) death stash, and make the amount spawned directly proportional to how much damage that was dealt to their armor. The idea basically being; you break off pieces of their plate and then you can pick them up and repair yours. 

7. Stop adding Zombies to Blackout. Nobody likes them. 

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