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Call of duty should go back to codmw1and2 or at least build on ww2. Ww2 at least had a kill streak. Not counting the stupid limit on amount of gun attachments not having to dump a second gun to attach a third attachment was good for ww2. The new black ops is like playing halo reach. It was cool for the first 5 second and then you see how bad everything is on the game. The is a lot of bad in this game. Only little saving grace is the drop in like pubg. But with pop out zombies to give a way your position and then everyone is on you sucks. It's cool they added zombies to the pubg feel but it's all over rated. I give this a 2 out of 5. And yes I feel tired off I want my money back. Thought this would have been a good game but got ripped off. 

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OPen the blizzard client and go to support. You can get a refund there, they are pretty good. 

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best advice ive seen all day. THANK YOU!
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I hate this game it sucks and I wish I spent my money on other things accept this dumb***** I want my money back 

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This is the reason I wait a month or 2 before buying any game. Judging by the reviews on this forum about this game and gameplay videos and trailers that I have watched I'll be steering clear.

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Basing your choice to buy the game on what you read on the forums is a bad idea.


ppl only come to the forums to complain and insist the devs change the game to suit their personal needs.


wether you like the game or not is subjective for example I hated ww2 with a passion and consider it the worst cod to date but others loved it.


the issues bo4 has are the exact same issues every single cod game has had and always will have. If you liked the other black ops games you will like this one (unless you refuse slight changes like a lot of entitled ppl)

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i belive they tried that and it failed 

one of the worst cods in years, so yeah not many people agree, but WW2 servers are going to stay up, 

so as a wise man once said, 


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Worst game ever made. Want my money back now.

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in reply to TheFalconZone420

What are you telling those of us still here on the forums for? Do you think we give a duck?


There's no way in hell you made this purchase blindly, so you knew exactly what you were getting before forking over the cash. If you did purchase the game blindly, without reading so much as a review, you're kind of a terrible consumer.


If you think anybody here on the forums can give you a refund, you're either 12, or have never purchased anything, ever, in the history of the world. 

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Realistically what comes down at least for me and a purchase of a COD game is this.

I'm going to buy the game. It's 60$ not a big deal nothing worth getting a refund over. If I get 7-10 Hours out of the game it's my money back.
You need to put in a handful of hours into the game or at least in max out the first prestige to really determine if the game is something you can enjoy IMO.

I never understand people who buy the about 15 matches and instantly rage quit the whole game mostly because they didn't do well in those matches. If they don't do well instantly it's 100% the game because they can't be bothered to adjust to a new game.
As far as "reviews" I don't believe in them. I'll pay attention to what to expect from the game in terms what's in it. But most reviewers are doing it in a condensed time frame, aren't fans of the series/good at the series so the complaints they have are very biased. And I don't really trust and YTers/Content creators because most of them will speak positive of it and get the views OR go the complete opposite for the same reason.

I always resort back to the Infinite Warfare CAMPAIGN trailer. It was in space....and it got downvoted into a oblivion because of the hind mind that is the internet and YTers saying OMG OMG WHAT IS WRONG WITH THEM.

MP was actually ok. It wasn't bad. It wasn't good. It was just ok, and there was like one map where the space thing was integrated into it and that was upon death basically everything else was standard COD it was just meh.
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