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It seems to be becoming a little out of control. The amount of times that I’ve been booted from matches or completely offline is astounding, making it almost impossible to get ladder points. What is being done about the people behind this? There has to be some eyes on this right? It can’t just be happening on Xbox, but when someone in the lobby says “*insert GT* what do you want? Your game to shut down or your internet to shut down?”. Then, oddly enough my internet goes out throughout the house and stays off for approx 5-10 minutes. This is illegal, right? So, why isn’t this being addressed and enforced? 

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First of all love the name. 2nd i didnt relise this could hapen.this is so wrong
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Try using a VPN if possible. This will protect you against this stuff a bit, but it might make your ping a little higher.



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