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As stated above ^ I'm looking for both competitive and a pub stomping "clan". Whether you consider yourself a clan or just a group of people wanting to play, I'll be down to join.


Background/Info I just started playing Black Ops 4 around December 20th, since then I have became Level 150+ MP with 2.0+ on K/D and W/L ratios. I have not gotten around playing black out,  but I'll be down to give it a shot. Back on PC before I fried my keyboard, I became relatively known on H1Z1 at its stage of death. I was placed top 10 solo NA in regular leaderboards. Because of H1 and a small amount of time in PubG, I can pick up the aspects of blackout quickly.


PSN - Mr_DueDate

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Hi Team Drty are recruiting. Search #Drty on Facebook 

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