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Filed Gaming Community is recruiting (XGC) we take almost anyone the only requirements are that you play legit no hacking no cheating and that your 18 years or older, we have a massive player base one of the biggest in the gaming community aswell as a website and a discord if you are interested in joining one of the best gaming communities out with please message me on Xbox my gamer tag is   BEARDEDBASTURRD I will happily help you enroll in our clan and help you become a member don’t try to message me on this website as i may not get to you the best way to reach me is on Xbox just shoot me a message saying you want to join XGC your age and that your from the cod forums thank you for your time! Hope to hear from you soon and to make you apart of my family! 



P.S my specific section in the clan is hardcore players we play blackout and hardcore game modes! Not only that but we play multiple games!


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