What the hell is going on with servers?

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Playstation 4

Sry,but what the f****. What is going on with ps4 servers? Yesterday was a disaster to play blackout for me and my squad.

People playing Hard Core aginst us. Video will be uploadet later after i get from work. 3-4 bullets and we where down like we didn't have any armor.

I have a very decent optic fiber connection, with 500/100mb all ports open, no packet loss or any kind of failure on my side. PS4 Pro with SSD,4k TV with low imput lag and game mode.

So i can say nothing to worry about my rig. But like i see it doesn't help anything for this game. And no im not a begginer, 3k games ,4k/d ratio on Quad

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Seriously i agree!!! And everyone is just going to ignore this crap. Get your servers in order!

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