Looking to create/join an advanced clan.

Exo Zombies

Hey, guys!


I've pretty much mastered Outbreak and would love to find a big/elite clan to join. Plus I'm a gamer girl so bonus. I have all of the maps and the only thing I'm weak at is the Burger Town map. Everything else I'm pretty ace. But Outbreak is my perfect one. I don't like to use mics while I'm gaming, it kills my concentration but I will listen if we need to do any strategies etc. And if you do the whole (jump if you can hear me) etc I'll do that too.


I'm also not a points hogger so if I see any of the green ATM machines I'll let you know they're there if you have lower points.


TARA CHAMBLER is my username. Yesterday it was myself and a friend and we got to level 32, I've been higher before though.

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