Modern Warfare Remastered Clans

Hey, My name is Nickee and  Im a leader in a community called 6S - Sixth Sense.

We are a commuinty/clan based on making friends and having a laugh. We do have a competative side also. We are a 16+  Smiley Happy  


I am based in the UK, but we have people from all over the world in our communitySmiley Happy 

We currently have around 60+ in our community
We use DISCORD to communicate with each other Smiley Happy 
We currently have a few sponsers, and should be coming into a few more when we have more people join the family.

We would love to make our community/family much bigger. Who dont love lots of friends and family <3


Please feel free to message my gamertag -     Tipsy Uniicorn    -     I will be happy to answer any questions and possibly get you into our community. 


Happy gamingSmiley Very Happy

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